Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – The Intermediate Level


Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator - The Intermediate Level

The Intermediate levels in logo design revealled by a published, award winning professional of 18 years!

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a more advanced logo design
  • Develop a logo with professional aesthetics and balance

  • Gain knoweldge of professsional kerning techniques

  • How to space and mesure logo design elements
  • How to professionally treat logo type
  • Gain knowledge of horizontal rule use and bullets points
  • Adobe Illustrator Trial (or Full Version) is required for Mac or Windows
  • Scanner or quality camera to capture sketches to trace
  • Sketching materials – Pencil, paper, eraser
  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to learn


* ‘Another amazing course from Daniel. This one really takes your from a beginner level to a more advanced logo designer status.’

* ‘Awesome course as always, if you have understood the fundamentals of logo design this is a perfect next step to level up.’

Brilliant course! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was the perfect ‘next level’ from ‘Logo Design – for Beginners & Beyond’. 


*** UPDATED JAN 2019 ! ***

Due to unprecedented demand, I’m proud to launch this course as the follow up to: ‘Logo Design for Beginners & Beyond’.

**** To all fellow Logo Designers, who are ready for the NEXT LEVEL… ****

As a logo design professional with over 18 years experience, I’m going to reveal to you the next stage of learning in the exact manner in which I learned myself.  We’re going to cut to chase and explore all the next realm of logo design, leaving nothing untouched and delivered in a no nonsense manner!

In this second series, we’re going to cover: key logo principles, font selection strategies, precise and professional kerning, measurements, spacing and balance, hidden meaning application  and the all valuable negative space logos – which separates the amateurs from the professionals!

We’ll also be delving into comprehensive case studies in which you can see me storm projects from start to finish, from client questionnaire to finished logo, including moodboarding, mind-mapping, comprehensive sketching, pin-point accurate refinement sketching, right through to the digitization in Illustrator.

Try your hand at various assignments too, and I’ll give me highly reviewed, one on one feedback and undivided advice in the Q&A section so that we can fine tune your logo design skills to your personal needs.  I’m always here.

Grab your pencil and paper.  We’re ready to go.

If you want to supercharge your ability and worth as a logo designer, the next level is only one step away….

Who this course is for:
  • Students who have taken my Beginners Logo Design course
  • Those ready for more advanced logo design principles

Created by Daniel Evans
Last updated 1/2019

Size: 1.93 GB

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